Precarious Aquarius

Birthday Weekend

I don’t remember what I blogged last so allow me to enlighten those who either don’t know or don’t remember. I am off work for two weeks due to my prior ankle injury as I await a date for a MRI. Because I am supposed to be on crutches or the knee scooter, in a…

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Can’t sleep my mind is on so many different things yet I can’t do anything because I am at home at 12:24am with an injured foot and for the fact that I am sick as well. I could fold and put away clean laundry, but no. I could watch more YouTube or tv, but no.…

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Nothing but trouble

I had my orthopedic surgeon doctor’s appointment for my left ankle injury. They tried to push back my appointment because I have an L and I claim for the injury but they kept saying they couldn’t bill L&I because they weren’t authorized medical professionals on the case. So I told them to bill my personal…

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Wall flower

I am sick of having to write to ya’ll that I have been MIA yet again. Not that I have to explain my self or lack of writing to anyone because I don’t, but I feel like some of y’all might care where I have been and why I haven’t been writing and so if…

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Am I depressed or just being lazy?

This topic has been heavy on my mind lately. I have been in a depression for about four months now, which is longer than my usual cycle between hypomania and depression which used to rotate between the two every 2.5-3 months with “in-between” stages for approximately two weeks. With that being said, I am unsure…

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When we were alone

I tell you to close the door Something’s not right I know you know more Of this story than you’re letting on Your hands on my hips, kissing my neck I mean get to the point; c’mon Come onnnnn. I push you away I can’t think straight I can’t fucking breathe with your mouth on…

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The last week has been a whirlwind of emotions and feelings of every kind. To say the least, Steven (my fiancé) and I just purchased not one, but two vehicles total this week. I had five days off work due to my ankle injury and that has been stressful because if I am not working,…

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Doesn't matter says:

    Happy bday this might be a bit late you might not see it or care but congratulations also for getting back into school

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I do care and I did see it. Thanks for commenting, hope you’re hanging in there 🙂


    2. Unknown says:

      Interesting glad to see your moving on in your life doing better glad to see things are clicking together for you hopefully they keep going that way for you me though I’m always hanging in ha in my own ways

      Liked by 1 person

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